Preschool—Learning Math

Preschoolers enjoy learning to count and some children can count quite well.  But many get a bit confused when they get to the teens, happily counting, “...thirteen – fourteen – seventeen – twenty-teen!” I always enjoy hearing them practice and learn. Most preschoolers are quite capable of learning some very basic math concepts—not in a … Continue reading Preschool—Learning Math

Preschool—Learning ABC’s

When you are ready to teach letter names and sounds to your preschool/kinder students, it is nice if you can post large size letters on the wall so your child can look at them frequently.  Just as when teaching colors and shapes, to make it easier for your child, you should post and teach only … Continue reading Preschool—Learning ABC’s

Beginning Preschool—Learning Numbers

This week I have a FREE chart for you to help you teach number-symbols 1-10.  You should start with the chart for numbers 1-5 first, and add the chart for numbers 6-10 when your child knows the first five numbers very well. Your child can begin to learn to match number symbols to the correct … Continue reading Beginning Preschool—Learning Numbers

Beginning Preschool—Learning Shapes

You may want to teach some basic shapes to your younger preschoolers as well as teaching them color names. As I mentioned in the previous blog, it is better to teach one at a time than all of them at once, to avoid confusion. You might like to post them on the refrigerator. Ask your … Continue reading Beginning Preschool—Learning Shapes

Beginning Preschool—Learning Colors

If you have preschool students, you are probably teaching them some basic things they need to learn before kindergarten.  If your young student does not know names of colors yet, we are providing a free printable set of flashcards to teach colors. Some young children mix up the names of colors when they are learning … Continue reading Beginning Preschool—Learning Colors

Teaching Children to Share

Recently I watched some younger parents teaching their young children to share their toys and cooperate in activities.  Threes and fours sometimes find it a little bit difficult to share because they now know the difference between what is “mine” and what is “yours.”  They even may be a little concerned that sharing something means … Continue reading Teaching Children to Share

Beginning to Write – Journal Prompts

This is the fourth and last blog in this series about beginning writing and as the weather changes, we are beginning to think about spring and summer activities. I have discussed how providing pictures for younger students can help them think about topics to write about. A series of pictures can help young writers expand … Continue reading Beginning to Write – Journal Prompts

Teaching Children and Working Together

Do you have a child that wants to be beside you at all times?  It can be a little crazy-making, but this is a child who really needs some extra attention.  Instead of telling him to go play and leave you alone so you can get things done—why not show him how to help you … Continue reading Teaching Children and Working Together

How Important is it for Children to Have Time for Independent Play?

How many of us, as children, had hours of time to make things out of wood, toss a ball in the air and catch it over and over, pretend all sorts of adventures, climb trees, pick food out of a garden and eat it on the spot, or ride a little red wagon down what … Continue reading How Important is it for Children to Have Time for Independent Play?

Five Ways to Help Children Do Their Chores and Homework

1.  Make a list so your child can cross items off when they are done. Some kids really can’t remember a list of things to do—and they aren’t trying to annoy you!   Make your life—and theirs—easier by writing down the things they need to accomplish.  If your child is too young to read the list, … Continue reading Five Ways to Help Children Do Their Chores and Homework