Program Overview

Teach your students four consonant sounds and one vowel and they will be able to read the first story! Teach a new sound and read a new story. This unique step-by-step method of teaching reading builds confidence and skill, and gives instant reading success to even your most reluctant readers!

Twenty weeks of instruction can take your struggling readers up to a beginning 3rd grade reading level.


The 288 page book includes:

  • 90 Stories and Skills Pages
  • Supplementary Word Lists
  • Diagnostic Tests (Teacher edition only)
  • Scramble Spell Game
  • Spelling Cards
  • Word Building Activity (Teacher Edition)
  • EasyTeacher Instructions

By the time American students are in 5th grade, at least 30% are struggling with reading. By the time they reach 10th grade, over 50% are reading below grade level. Sound Bytes Reading addresses a critical need in education—remediating struggling readers. Sound Bytes Reading was written as a result of my work with struggling readers, and after extensive research about appropriate methods of reading instruction.

Sound Bytes Reading presents basic reading instruction in a unique format that is easy to understand and easy to teach—even for educators who have not been trained to teach reading. Current research that supports my approach to teaching reading is the NICHD Report of the National Reading Panel.

My book includes teacher instructions and all the student material needed to get a student to a beginning 3rd grade reading level in about 20 weeks (with daily instruction). Ninety stories and skills lessons are included in the book as well as tests, spelling instruction and supplemental word lists. Students may be able to reach up to a 4th to 6th grade reading level by carefully following the suggested reading list after completing Sound Bytes.

Beginning readers are taught the sounds of four consonants and one vowel, how to blend words, and read a story using the new sounds and words. Each lesson includes one or two new sound-spelling patterns (based on Orton-Gillingham phonograms), blending new words, and reading a decodable story using the new words. This format works exceptionally well—even for the most reluctant readers!

The book is specifically styled to make learning to read easier for students who are having difficulty with reading. New sound-symbols and new words are printed in bold type on the skills page that precedes each story. Student materials are printed in a large size plain font to make beginning decoding practice easier. Extra spacing between the letters of each word (and between words) in the first few stories help students learn to visually process every letter and every word. Learning to decode quickly and automatically greatly improves students’ problems with fluency and comprehension.


Students who are taught to read with Sound Bytes can be expected to obtain faster than average gains in reading ability. This is especially important for students who are at-risk or who are already below grade level.

Sound Bytes Reading is designed for teaching beginning readers as well as struggling readers in grades K-8. It has also been used to teach college level ELL students how to read in English. Sound Bytes Reading is currently being used in more than 20 elementary schools in Salem, Oregon, two middle schools, and one high school as well as by numerous parents, and a Western Oregon University education professor is using Sound Bytes to teach her education students how to teach reading.

Students are able to achieve instant success using Sound Bytes Reading, and are motivated to continue to work at learning to read even when they have previously failed. As students begin to experience success, their self esteem improves along with their ability to read. Sound Bytes Reading produces great results for beginning readers, struggling readers and ELL students. Get your copy of Sound Bytes Reading today!

Kathy Foster
Sound Bytes Author & Reading Tutor