What Teachers, Parents, and Students Are Saying about Sound Bytes Reading


What teachers, parents, and students are saying about Sound Bytes Reading


“What an awesome book! My daughter went from being a struggling reader to the very best in her class!”
Ida Joiner-Elliott, Technology Executive and Parent

“Absolutely wonderful program. Kids see their own progress and get excited. I love it!!!”
Helen Heder, Special Education Teacher

“I like this book because it is funny and fun…it is helping me with my reading.”
Lacey, Elementary School Student

“My 4-year-old loved Sound Bytes…By the middle…he was reading easy books and sounding out new words without difficulty.”
Theresa Nelson, Author, English Teacher, and Parent

“I teach students who have not succeeded in other programs. With Sound Bytes my students have experienced great success.”
Diane DiPasquale, M.S., Special Education Teacher

“Sound Bytes is straightforward, easy to implement and interesting to students—an amazing program that just keeps getting better!”
Wendy Newberg, Teacher

“Thank you so much for this wonderful book. It has been a critical part of my daughter’s success in reading.”
Stacy Smith, Parent

“One of the best reading programs that have been published…great for struggling readers and exactly what my students need.”
Lori Goree, LRC Teacher

“Sound Bytes is an excellent example of a reading program that is systematic, explicit, and successful—an excellent teaching tool!”
Mary Scarlato, PhD, Associate Professor, Special Education, Western Oregon University

“I studied reading using Sound Bytes. This book gave me a lot of practice…I really improved in reading.”
Lawan T., ESL Student

“As a teacher who works with below grade readers…I would recommend this program to other instructors with struggling readers.”
Debbie Kern, Special Education Teacher

“Sound Bytes…was easy to teach…I highly recommend it for any child who is having difficulty in reading.”
Glenda Wright, Grandparent