Art Projects in August—Free Family Fun—Part 2

Here’s another art project for the kids during the last long hot days of August!  Cut colored construction paper—or any other colored paper you have on hand—into long strips.  Older kids can use a hole punch to punch out lots of tiny circles.  Be sure to empty the punch onto a small piece of paper each time you change colors so you have separate piles in different colors.

Think about what kind of picture you want to create.  It could be nature, animal, vehicle, or, abstract art. Now use a glue stick to outline one section at a time on your paper.  Sprinkle the dots onto the section you have glued.  You may need to fill in with more glue and dots in some places.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just have fun.

Save all of the long strips that the older kids punched holes out of and let the younger kids use them to make a picture of their own.  Use a glue stick to place glue on the paper where you want to put the strips because the strips may tear if you use the glue stick on them.  It might be a random abstract art picture like this.

Some kids may enjoy creating a picture with a little more structure like this one. Be sure to let the glue dry before placing anything on top of the picture.

This is an easy, easy art project that is fun and it will keep the kids busy for a while.

Have a happy end-of-the-summer creating art with your kids!