Five Ways to Help Children Do Their Chores and Homework

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1.  Make a list so your child can cross items off when they are done.

Some kids really can’t remember a list of things to do—and they aren’t trying to annoy you!   Make your life—and theirs—easier by writing down the things they need to accomplish.  If your child is too young to read the list, you can use pictures or only give them one thing to do at a time.  I had a job chart with pictures of jobs and the kids could instantly see what they were supposed to do.  Change the jobs around every so often so children get a chance to learn new things.

2.  Get down on your child’s level when speaking to him/her.

It is amazing how well kids respond and get things done when we have their full attention—and when they also have our full attention.

3.  Speak more quietly and always face-to-face.

Sometimes we think our kids will listen better if we speak louder, but that is usually just irritating to everyone, and produces children who learn to tune us out instead of listening and responding.

4.  Create a reward system for finishing things in a timely manner.

Examples of rewards:

  • A star on a job chart when a chore is finished.
  • A healthy snack.
  • A coupon system  (if your child is old enough to wait longer for things).  A pre-determined number of coupons for completed tasks can then be exchanged for a popcorn/movie night, books, or experiences such as going out for ice cream.  (It’s not ideal to buy toys as rewards.)

5.  Set a timer and race to get things done.

It is often more fun to see how fast you can get something done, than to just do it with no goal in mind.  We can harness a healthy competitiveness in our kids to accomplish a lot.  One important reminder for the kids—they still need to do the job right and not get sloppy in their haste.