Pre-Writing Skills for Preschoolers – Drawing Stick People

Reading is an essential skill.  It opens doors to so many learning opportunities. Writing and spelling are a big part of reading, but children cannot automatically spell or write well just because they know how to read.  Parents can help by introducing preschoolers to activities that can help prepare them for reading, spelling and writing.

Last week we talked about how learning to draw geometric shapes can strengthen young children’s small motor control. Drawing lines, triangles, and circles is good practice to help prepare for the time when children will need to learn how to write the letters of the alphabet.  For many children, learning to draw is more engaging than copying letters of the alphabet.  They will learn some of the same skills while drawing pictures that they will need to write letter symbols later on. So why not make it fun?

This week, I am posting another drawing activity for your children that will help them continue to develop the small motor dexterity that they need before they begin to practice handwriting. Learning to draw may also help increase a child’s attention span if it is something he takes an interest in doing.