Teaching Your Child to Read – Get a Head Start Right Now

Have you decided to teach your child how to read? Looking for an effective and easy method to teach reading? Rainbow Resource Center is now selling Sound Bytes Reading at a discounted price to homeschooling families—so if you’ve been meaning to pick this book up to teach your beginning reader or your struggling reader, check them out.

Here’s a quote from the review they wrote:

Indeed a sound approach to reading, this program is a solid, phonetically comprehensive program with reinforcing reading text incorporated directly in the book. It reminds me somewhat of a cross between Alphaphonics and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, but with improved teacher instruction, lesson implementation, and textual presentation. As in those popular programs, your child will begin reading as soon as the first letter sounds are taught. And, in a mere 90 “byte-sized” lessons, your child will be reading at a beginning 3rd grade reading level. This program is also recommended for both remedial and ELL students. In fact…

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